Mike McBride


Most of my work is private, since it is for my company, but I do have a few open source projects and public websites which I have built. You can find some of them listed below, and the rest you can find on my GitHub profile.

Flexbox Playground

A web app that allows you to experiment with and understand how flexbox works. Note that while this app will technically load on a phone, it's definitely intended to be used on a larger screen and probably won't work very well on smaller devices.

Sudoku Solver

A web app that will solve sudoku puzzles for you. It uses a variation of a brute force search algorithm with backtracking to solve even the hardest puzzles.

Catholic AF

A friend and I built a website where we design and sell snarky Catholic stickers and apparel and donate the proceeds to Catholic charities. Completely real, totally a joke. Check it out.

Virtual Keyboard

A web app that displays a keyboard (pure CSS/HTML) and lights up the keys you are typing as you press/hold them. Super fun, totally pointless. Try it out! (Doesn't work on phones yet... sorry)

Virtual Piano

Similar to the keyboard, this app that displays a section of a piano. Keys are assigned to letters on the keyboard, and when you press them the corresponding piano key lights up and emits the tone for that note. Turn up the sound!


A function to efficiently test whether an object contains the specified value. Very useful when filtering arrays of objects.


Removes duplicates in an array based on a given key. Like lodash _uniqBy but without needing to pull in all of lodash.